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Good tool, straightforward and easy to use, my staff like the leaderboard. KPI Manager creates an extra competitive drive in our team. I don't have to chase down my staff for boring reports and updates each week, I can see activity live in the app.

Jay Fudickar
Jay Fudickar
Founder & Managing Director, J.Riley Recruitment

Product Features

Campaigns revolve around the activity timeline. Campaign participants share KPI activity and can engage with each others achievements. The leaderboard displays who's collected the most points.

  • Share KPI activity with comments in just seconds.

  • Points indicate the relative contribution of each KPI.

  • A Timeline shows all participant activity in chronological order.

  • A Leaderboard shows total points earned and probability of winning a reward.

  • Each Campaign ends with a randomized draw and selection of winners for each "reward" offered.

  • Configure up to 10 different KPIs to track

  • Enter freeform text when sharing KPI activity supporting your custom workflows

Campaign timeline

Get Better Sales Results

KPI Manager is a software solution for recruitment agencies. Eliminate sales and productivity problems in a positive, proactive way through sales gamification. Recruiters know they need to do the work daily and complete essential tasks, but motivation can fade. KPI Manager helps push all recruiters to remain productive, keeping activity at a high level.


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Our Solution

Proactive way to increase KPI productivity

Sales gamification creates a positive framework to get more essential tasks completed through incentives and rewards. Get better results completing KPIs.

Easier & more effective performance management

Get better transparency of what your team is achieving throughout each day.

Better teamwork

KPI Manager allows co workers to see what each other are doing. Build a “Culture of Success” with on-site, remote, and offshore teams.

Improve staff morale and retention

Better teamwork leads to better morale, more successful recruiters, and lower turnover.


Simple affordable pricing

Teams grow and shrink. With our straightforward per-team pricing you don't need to worry about user licensing and cost increases when your team grows.

For Teams

$40/ month
Charged as a yearly $480 subscription

Perfect for teams looking to benefit from KPI Manager

  • Unlimited active campaigns

  • Up to 10 participants per campaign

  • Access to all product features

*Credit card details are collected at initial checkout. We'll refund your money if you're not satisfied! No downloads required.

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