What is Sales Gamification?

Case Study

“Gamification” is the use of game-like elements such as competitive platforms to boost employee engagement through points scoring, and rewards systems. In other words, pipeline tasks such as calling prospects, setting up client meetings, or closing the deal are all captured into a game.

Great games have liveliness and energy built into them and are based on a community of players. Having this vitality programmed into the game motivates the players to share these experiences with friends and social contacts. People experience instant recognition, instant feedback, and instant rewards on their contribution when engaging with Gamification

Examples of rewards that are used:

  • Incentives – this can be monetary in the form of cash or cryptocurrency tokens.
  • Gifts – this could be objects such as I Pads or gift cards
  • Altruistic rewards – money donated to a favorite charity

Consultation with employees will indicate what reward they value. The rules of the gamification process need to be transparent. Some programs work on a merit and demerit basis that accumulate to an eventual award. It is important to give employees recognition through continued feedback on their performance. This is accomplished by setting a benchmark through a scoring process. An effective way to drive engagement with your referrals program is to introduce a leader board for performance to indicate top referrals.

There are many aspects of social gaming that are incorporated into aspects of recruiting and sales. The mechanic and methodology such as rewards and points, which are the foundation of popular games, are used in sales gamification.

Gamification objectives are:

  • To keep your teams aligned and make sure every member is moving in the same direction.
  • Provide analysis on risk factors to financial indicators to the organization
  • Help to identify successes and failures to make adjustments.
  • Provides key performance indicators and holds teams accountable.
  • Help teams focus

How does Sales Gamification work at a Recruitment Agency?

Recruiters know they need to do the work daily and complete essential tasks, but motivation can fade. Gamification helps push all recruiters to remain productive, keeping activity at a high level, staying motivated, and focused. It is an excellent tool to help increase productivity and performance. It encourages teamwork and the willingness to cooperate, which can help teams to meet their targets.

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