Product Features

Campaigns revolve around the activity timeline. Campaign participants share KPI activity and can engage with each others achievements. The leaderboard displays who's collected the most points.

  • Share KPI activity with comments in just seconds.

  • Points indicate the relative contribution of each KPI.

  • A Timeline shows all participant activity in chronological order.

  • A Leaderboard shows total points earned and probability of winning a reward.

  • Each Campaign ends with a randomized draw and selection of winners for each "reward" offered.

  • Configure up to 10 different KPIs to track

  • Enter freeform text when sharing KPI activity supporting your custom workflows

Campaign timeline
Who is KPI Manager For

Who is KPI Manager For

  • Your company as a whole, including the owner or team leaders participating in the campaigns

  • Specific recruitment teams within your company that may be struggling or need a boost

  • Research teams, candidate development teams, or offshore teams that need to be motivated

  • “Work From Home” scenarios

  • New hires on probation at the beginning of their career

  • Staff that are on “Performance Management”, and need to turn-around their results

Why we created KPI Manager

Low Productivity

"I hire a new recruiter, train them, and then they don’t perform. I have to let them go. This wastes time and money, and hurts overall company morale"

"My recruiters are not hitting their revenue goals"

"Its hard to get my recruiters to be more active, aggressive, and productive"

"We spend too much time in meetings discussing the same productivity problems over and over"

Poor Collaboration

"I don’t have time to monitor what all my recruiters are doing each day"

"My recruiters complain they don’t like our CRM/ATS system because it’s a waste of time We don’t like our CRM/ATS system, but don’t want to (or can’t) switch to a new one"

"My recruiters don’t work well as a team"

Lacking Motivation

"I have trouble motivating my staff to be productive each day"

"I spend too much time “nagging” my recruiters to enter their KPI into the database"

"My senior recruiters are not motivated to complete or record daily KPI"

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