Our Privacy Policy

By using KPI Manager software, you are indicating your complete acceptance of our Privacy Policy, to our use and disclosure of the data that you provide, and agreeing to receive emails and other correspondence outlined in our Privacy Policy.

KPI Manager collects and uses its users’ personal information with the utmost care to ensure that users can use KPI Manager and its related products without putting their personal information at risk.

1. Description of Personal Information

“Personal information” is any information about an individual user, such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, credit card information and any other information that can identify an individual. This also includes information that can be verified with other information to identify any given individual.

2. Collecting Personal Information – Purposes and Usage

Company and personal information collected directly from users and registered corporate users will be used solely for the purposes stated below, or otherwise as stated in advance and as required for KPI Manager to carry out its business operations.

  • KPI Manager collects personal information from client signups and invitations to client staff necessary to use the product.

3. Maintenance of Personal Information

KPI Manager strives to ensure that the personal information it collects is correct, intact and updated, and that it matches the stated purposes of personal information usage.

4. Protections to Ensure the Security of Personal Information

KPI Manager handles personal information with the greatest care, taking the appropriate corporate and technical safety measures to prevent loss, defacing, and leakage through unauthorized access. This information is securely stored in a safe location, and will never be removed from the KPI Manager site. All KPI Manager employees are bound by a confidentiality agreement, and must strictly observe the Privacy Policy set by KPI Manager.

5. Methods for Users to View, Edit or Remove Personal Information

KPI Manager respects its users’ and registered companies’ rights regarding their personal information. We respond to requests to delete, edit and change this information through the appropriate method in each case. Newsletter and other subscriptions can also be managed by users themselves using functions provided on each KPI Manager website.

6. Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

KPI Manager will not disclose the personal information it collects from users and companies to third parties except under the following circumstances:

  • The user agrees to disclosure of his or her personal information
  • KPI Manager is obliged to disclose personal information according to government laws or regulations.
  • The user’s life, health or property can be judged to be in danger through the withholding of personal information.
  • KPI Manager supplies usage statistics and other data that is not personally identifiable for the purpose of study and analysis to improve the services it provides

7. Disclosing, Editing and Deleting Personal Information and Ceasing to Disclose Personal Information to Third Parties in Response to Individual Requests

KPI Manager backs up and retains personal information collected for various user registrations for a set period of time. In the event that a user cancels his or her registration, KPI Manager backs up and retains the user’s personal information in order to resolve any issues that might arise with request processing or other unforeseeable system failures. KPI Manager also retains information for a period of time after user registration cancellation in the event that the rules of KPI Manager have been violated or KPI Manager is required by legally authorized organizations to provide such information for legal investigations. However, the personal information of users who request registration cancellation will not be used by services provided by KPI Manager websites after cancellation requests have been authorized and accepted.

8. Management System for Personal Information

KPI Manager strictly manages personal information by appointing a Chief Privacy Officer in charge of personal information management, employee education, and information security measures to prevent this information from being leaked to third parties or the public, and from being diverted or altered. Please refer to the company profile.

9. Suggestions, Complaints and Objections Regarding this Privacy Policy

If you have any suggestions, complaints, or objections about this privacy policy, please contact us by filling out the contact form on the KPI Manager corporate website or the contact form of the KPI Manager website you are using. Upon receiving your contact form information, we will notify you and make every effort to take appropriate measures in a timely manner.

10. Disclaimer

KPI Manager will not disclose the personal information of any user to any third party without that user’s consent. However, if disclosure is legally requested by the national, state or local governments, by court order, or by the police or any other organization that is legally authorized to do so in Japan, the country of KPI Manager incorporation, then KPI Manager reserves the right to disclose said personal information without the user’s prior consent.

11. Modification History

KPI Manager will inform users of any modifications it implements to this Privacy Policy. Modifications can be viewed in the Modification History. KPI Manager will continue to review and improve its Privacy Policy by periodically reviewing Japanese laws and other regulations related to the collection and handling of personal information.

Last modified Apr. 1, 2022.

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